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NOTE:  Most of the books below are also listed on Alibris at http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com and/or Amazon (for titles published after 1970).  Prices are being updated on the online sites; the most accurate are those below.

Signed copies have an asterisk (*)


Abbott, E. C. "Teddy Blue," and Helene Huntington Smith.  Ron Tyler, Editor.  We Pointed Them North. Recollections of a Cowpuncher.  Chicago:  R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company/The Lakeside Press, 1991.  The Lakeside Classics.  Very faint spots on front cover, otherwise fine hard cover volume.  Gilt bright.  Top edge gilt fine, bright.  (ID:  5503)  $35.00  SOLD 6 21 17 Alibris

Allen, Paula Gunn.  Pocahontas.  San Francisco:  HarperSan Francisco, 2003.  Fine cloth volume in very good to near fine dust wrapper. Inscribed "For ..... Love and blessings Grandma Paula Gunn Allen."  (ID:  5028*; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00  

Basso, Keith H.  Portraits of "The Whiteman":  Linguistics Play and Cultural Symbols among the Western Apache. With a foreword by Dell Hymes.  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 1999 (1979).  Fine soft cover.  (ID: 5142; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00  

Baughman, Michael.  Mohawk Blood:  A Native American Quest.  New York:  Lyons & Burford, 1995.  Fine cloth in fine dust jacket.  (ID: 5148; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00

Béchard, Henri, S. J.  The Original Caughnawaga Indians.  Montréal:  International Publishers, 1976.  Fine hard cover in very good plus to near fine dust wrapper with very small chips/wear to spine top/bottom.  (ID: 5514; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $35.00

Bierhorst, John, Editor.  The Girl Who Married a Ghost and Other Tales from the North American Indian. Collected, and with photographs, by Edward S. Curtis.  New York:  Four Winds Press, 1979.  (ID:  5751; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00  

Boas, Franz.  Kutenai Tales.  Together with Texts Collected by Alexander Francis Chamberlain.  Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology.  No. 59.  Washington, DC:  US Government Printing Office, 1918. Hard cover, no dust jacket, as issued.  Minor bumping to corners, but otherwise near fine.  (IID:  5152)  $50.00  SOLD dealer 4 2 17

Bonfanti, Leo.  Biographies and Legends of the New England Indians, Vol. III.  Wakefield, MA:  Pride Publications,1972.  Wrappers.  Some tanning, price inked out, otherwise as new.  (ID:  5109; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $5.00 

Bonfanti, Leo.  Biographies and Legends of the New England Indians.  Volume IV.  Wakefield, MA:  Pride Publications, 1972.  Wrappers. Some tanning, but otherwise as new.  (ID:  5085; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $5.00  

Bonfanti, LeoThe Pequot-Mohican War.  Wakefield, MA:  Pride Publications, 1971.  Wrappers.  Some tanning, otherwise as new.  (Item ID: 5086; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00  

Brivitch, Charles.  A History of Connecticut's Gold Hill Paugussett Tribe.  Charleston, S.C.:  The History Press, 2007.  As new soft cover.  (ID:  5571; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $5.00 

Bruchac, Joseph.  Lasting Echoes.  An Oral History of Native American People.  San Diego:  Silver Whistle/Harcourt Brace & Company,  1997.  Assemblage and painting by Paul Morin.  Gift inscription on ffep, o/w fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper.  (ID: 6105; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00

Brumble, H. David, III.  An Annotated Bibliography of American Indian and Eskimo Autobiographies.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1981.  Fine hard cover, no dust wrapper.  As new.  (ID:  9104)  $30.00  SOLD dealer 4/2/17

*Bulow, Ernie.  Navajo Taboos. Gallup, NM:  Buffalo Medicine Books, 1991. Foreword by Tony Hillerman.  Soft cover, as new.  Signed by Bulow and inscribed and signed by Tony Hillerman. (ID:  5045; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $150.00  

Cody, Iron Eyes.  Assisted by Ye-WasHow.  Indian Sign Talk in Pictures.  Hollywood:  Boelter Classic, 1952 (1959) Third printing.  Introduction by F. W. Hodge, Director, Southwest Museum, Los Angeles. Unpaged.  NN photographs to illustrate signs.  Light rubbing, edge wear, part of original price sticker, but otherwise very good plus to near fine soft cover (ID: 6087; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $18.00 

Coe, Michael D.  Breaking the Maya Code.  New York:  Thames & Hudson, 1999.  Revised edition.  Originally published 1992.  As new soft cover.  (ID:  5156; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00

Coe, Michael D.  The Maya.  New York:  Thames & Hudson, 2005.  Revised Edition.  Originally published 1966. As new soft cover.  (ID:  5157; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00  

The Colophon, Volume II.  New Series.  number 1 (Autumn 1936), see Duff, Louis Blake, below.

Comrie, Bernard, Stephen Matthews, and Maria Polinsky.  The Atlas of Languages:  The Origin and Development of Languages Throughout the World.  Foreword by Jean Aitchison.  New York:  Facts on File, 1996. Bump at corner and owner's stamp first page.  Very good hard cover in very good dust wrapper. (ID:  5160; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00

*Conservation Society of York County, Inc, H. C. Ulmer, Editor.  Seneca Indians.  Home Life and Culture. York, PA: Conservation Society of York County, IN.  Signed by the editor.  Very good cloth volume with owner's name/address, and small square mark.  No dust wrapper.  (ID:  5066*; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00

Curtis, Natalie, Recorder, Editor.  The Indians' Book:  Authentic Native American Legends, Lore & Music. Avenel, NJ:  Portland House, 1996. Originally published 1996.   Fine soft cover.   (ID:  5162; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00

Dam, Cornelia H.  Indian Children of the Eastern Woodlands.  Chicago:  Orthovis Publishing Company, 1938. Wrappers.  Very good to near fine.  Blue tissue pasted to front pastedown.  Has 3-D "Orthod-Scope" in pocket. (ID:  5143; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $90.00 

Drake, Samuel Adams.  The Border Wars of New England.  New York:  Charles Scribner's Sons, 1897.  Hard cover.  Very light edge wear bottom front, otherwise fine.  No dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  9027; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $150.00

Driver, Harold E., and James L. Coffin.  Classification and Development of North American Indian Cultures:  a Statistical Analysis of the Driver-Massey Sample.  Transactions of the American Philosophical Society.  New Series, Volume 65, Part 3, 1975. Wrappers, as issued. Name on lightly faded cover.  Light edge and tip wear, light soiling to top of title page.  Owner's name on cover.  (ID:  5342; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $20.00 

Duff, Louis Blake.  “The Printer of the Jesuits ‘Relations,’ in The Colophon.  New Series.  Volume II.  New Series.  Number 1 (Autumn 1936), 33-41.  A biographical sketch of Stephen Cramoisy, who published forty-one of the annual letters from the Jesuit missions in New France (1632-1673).  (ID: 6119; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) Very good to near fine with lt. tanning.  $18.00.

Eastman, Charles A.  (Ohiyesa)Old Indian Days.  Lincoln:  University of Nebraska Press, 1991.  First Bison Edition.  Reprinted from the original 1907 edition.  Introduction by A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff.  As new soft cover. (ID: 6124; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $12.00

Eastman, Charles A.  (Ohiyesa)  The Soul of the Indian.  Boston and New York:  Houghton Mifflin Company/The Riverside Press, Cambridge, 1911.  Hard cover, with rust-colored boards, gilt lettering.  No date on title page. Minor tip and spine top/bottom wear; foxing to FFEP, engraving, tissue, title and dedication pages, otherwise near fine to fine.  (ID:  5459; http://www.rmgergerbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $80.00

Eastman, Charles A.  (Ohiyesa).  The Soul of the Indian:  An Interpretation.  Lincoln:  University of Nebraska, 1980. Originally pulished 1911. Very good soft cover.  (ID:  5163; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $10.00

Eastman, Charles A.  (Ohiyesa).  Wigwam Evenings.  Sioux Folk Tales Retold.  Boston:  Little, Brown, and Company, 1909.  Very good to near fine cloth volume with some wear to edges, spine, and corners. Owner's name on half title.  No dust wrapper.  Clean, bright. (ID:  5139; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $50.00

Eggan, Fred.  The American Indian:  Perspectives for the Study of Social Change.  Cambridge:  Cambridge University Press, 1966.  Cloth volume, dust wrapper very good.  (ID:  5164; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $12.00 

Eliot, John.  The Indian Grammar Begun:  Or, An Essay to bring the Indian Langue into Rules....  Bedford, MA: Applewood Books, 2001. Facsimile reprint.  As new soft cover.  (ID:  5165; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $18.00

Fenton, William N., Editor.  Parker on the Iroquois; Iroquois Uses of Maize and Other Food Plants; The Code of Handsome Lake, the Seneca Prophet; the Constitution of the Five Nations.  Introduction by William N. Fenton. Syracuse:  Syracuse University Press, 1968.  New York state Studies.  Near fine cloth volume with very minor edge wear.  Pictorial dust wrapper, lightly rubed, very small chips, wear corners, edges, and tips.  (Item ID: 5167; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $75.00

Fenton, William N.  The Roll Call of the Iroquois Chiefs.  Ohsweken, Ontario, 1983. Reprint of Smithsonian Publication 3995, 1950. Soft cover. Faint yellowing of cover, very minor shelf wear.  (Item ID:  5080; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00    

Fenton, William N.  The Roll Call of the Iroquois Chiefs.  Ohsweken, Ontario, 1983. Reprint of Smithsonian Publication 3995, 1950.  Soft cover. Very good to near fine, with faint yellowing of cover, very minor shelf wear. (Item ID:  5080; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00 

Fenton, William N., and John Gulick.  Symposium on Cherokee and Iroquois Culture.  Washington, DC:  U.S. Government Printing Office, 1961. Bureau of American Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution, Bulletin 130.  Near fine to fine grey/green wrappers as issued.  (Item ID:  9109; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00

Fey, Harold E., and D'Arcy McNickle.  Indians and Other Americans:  Two Ways of Life Meet.  New York: Harper, 1959.  First Edition.  Owner's bookplate, minor shelf wear bottom spine, otherwise very good to near fine.  Dust wrapper has one closed tear, some chipps at edges, especially spine.  (ID:  5169; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00

Frazier, Ian.  On the Rez.  New York:  Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2000.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper. (ID:  6062; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00 

Garrod, Andrew, and Colleeen Larimore, Editors.  First Person.  First Peoples.  Native American College Graduates Tell Their Life Stories. Foreword by Louise Erdrich.  Ithaca:  Cornell University Press, 1997.  Soft cover with minor shelf wear.  Clean, tight, unmarked text.  Near fine. (ID:  5131; http: www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $15.00

Geronimo.  Geronimo:  His Own Story.  Edited by S. M. Barrett.  Newly Edited by Fredrick W. Turner III.    New York: Dutton, 1970.  Cloth volume with wrinkle, crimped lower left front cover, otherwise near fine.  Dust wrapper has minor wrinkling, no chips or tears.  Near fine.  (ID: 5081; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $25.00 

Gill, Sam D., and Irene F. Sullivan.  Dictionary of Native American Mythology.  Oxford:  Oxford University Press, 1992. Soft cover, new, in shrink wrap. (ID:  5398; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00

Graham, Isabella H.  Lion Gardiner.  A Tale of the Pequot War.  Privately printed, 1918.  Very good to near fine cloth volume with minor edge wear, clean, unmarked text.  Owner's bookplate (van Rensselaer).  (ID: 5134; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00  

*Green, Rayna.  Women in American Indian Society.  New York:  Chelsea House, 1992.  Soft cover. Inscribed and signed.  Some wear to corners, owner's signature/place/date, otherwise good to very good.  (ID: 5049*; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00 

Gridley, Marion E.  Indians of Yesterday.  Illustrated by Lone Wolf.  Chicago and New York:  M. A. Donohue & Company, 1940.  Sponsored by the Indian Council Fire.  Near fine to fine hard cover with minor tip wear.  Dust wrapper has chips and closed tears, some facing, but otherwise very good to near fine copy.  (ID:  5489; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00

Grumet, Robert Steven.  Native Americans of the Northwest Coast.  A Critical Bibliography.  The Newberry Library Center for the History of the American Indian Bibliographical Series.  Francis Jennings, General Editor. Bloomington: Indian University Press for the Newberry Library, 1979.  Fine soft cover.  (ID:  5485; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $5.00  

Grumet, Robert S.  The Lenapes.  New York:  Chelsea House, 1989.  Sixth printing.  Soft cover with crimping first few page corners; corners rubbed.  (ID:  5110; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00 

Hardy, Kerry.  Notes on a Lost Flute.  A Field Guide to the Wabanaki.  Down East, 2009.  New cloth volume. (ID: 5088; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00

Heape, Steven R.  American Indian Directory.  Richardson, TX:  Various Indian Peoples Publishing Co., 1999. (ID: 5075; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00   

*Heat-Moon, William Least.  Blue Highways:  A Journey Into America.  Boston:  Houghton Mifflin, 1982. Second paperback edition. Inscribed and signed.  Wrinkle to back cover, owner's signature, but otherwise very good. (ID: 5046*; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00  

*Heat-Moon, William Least.  River Horse.  New York:  Penguin Books, 2001.  Fine soft cover.  Signed by Heat-Moon.  (ID:  *5047; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)   $40.00

Howard, Harold P.  Mystery of Sacajawea.  Indian Girl with Lewis and Clark.  America's Favorite Heroine.  Self-published. 1973.  Second printing.  Originally published 1968.  Some marker first two chapters, otherwise very good. (ID: 5177; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00  

Hum-Ishu-Ma (Mourning Dove).  Cogewea.  The Half-Blood.  A Depiction of the Great Montana Cattle Range.  Lincoln:  University of Nebraska Press, 1981.  Fifth Bison Book printing.  Given through Show-pow-tan.  With notes and biographical sketch by Lucullus Virgil McWhorter.  Introduction by Dexter Fisher.  Reproduced by a copy of the1927 Four Seas edition in the Lucullus V. McWhorter Collection of the Washington State University Libraries. Light wear to tips, tiny bit of curling at top of first few pages, bookstore stamp FFEP, otherwise near fine soft cover. (ID: 993; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00 

Illustrated Atlas of Native American History.  Edison, NJ:  Chartwell Books, Inc., 1999.  Hard cover with light edge and tip wear, otherwise fine. Dust wrapper has very light edge wear, 2" closed tear rear spine, otherwise fine. Oversize. (ID:  5492; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $40.00  

Jaenen, Cornelius J.  Friend and Foe:  Aspects of French-Amerindian Cultural Contact in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries.  New York:  Columbia University Press, 1976.  Near fine cloth volume.  Dust wrapper has a few small chips and closed tears; tight, clean, unmarked text very good to near fine.  (ID:  5126; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00

[Jesuits] "The Printer of the Jesuits 'Relations," in The Colophon.  See Duff, Louis Blake, above.

The John Carter Brown Library.  The Mirror of the Indian.  An Exhibition of Books and Other Source Materials by Spanish, French, and English Historians and Colonists of North America from the 16th throughout the 18th Century. With an Address by Edmund S. Morgan, "The American Indian:  Incorrigible Individualist."  Published for distribution to the membership.  One of 250 copies for sale.  Providence:  The Associates of the John Carter Brown Library, 1958.  The John Carter Brown Library card laid in.  (ID:  5343; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $20.00

Josephy, Alvin M., Jr.  Chief Joseph's People and Their War.  Washington, DC:  National Park Service, US Department of Interior, 1964.  The Yellowstone Association for Natural Science, History & Education, Inc.  Soft cover. Small sticker on back, otherwise as new.  (ID:  5087; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $5.00

*Josephy, Alvin M., Jr.  Red Power:  The American Indians' Fight for Freedom.  Lincoln:  University of Nebraska Press.  Signed.  Very good to near fine soft cover.  (ID:  5076*; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $35.00

Kateri Tekakwitha.  See Weiser, S.J., F.X., below.

King, Duane H., and Jefferson Chapman.  Official Guidebook to the Sequoyah Birthplace Museum.  Vonore, TN: Sequoyah Birthplace Museum, 1993.  Wrappers, as issued.  Near fine with light rubbing.  (ID:  5487; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00

Klein, Barry T.  Reference Encyclopedia of the American Indian.  West Nyack, NY:  Todd Publications, 1990. 5th Edition.  Fine soft cover. (ID:  5179; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00 

Kopper, PhilipThe Smithsonian Book of North American Indians.  Before the Coming of the Europeans.  First Edition, Second Printing.  Fine hard cover in Brodart-protected near fine dust wrapper.  Oversize, extra postage. (ID: 6309; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $23.00  

Kuipers, Barbara J.  American Indian Reference and Resource Books for Children and Young Adults.  Libraries Unlimited, 1995.  2nd Edition.  as new soft cover.  (ID:  5180; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $20.00 

Kroeber, Karl, Editor.  boundary 2.  1492-1992:  American Indian Persistence and Resurgence.  A Special issue of boundary 2, edited by Karl Kroeber.  Durham:  Duke University Press, 1992.  Includes articles by Kroeber, Edward H. Spicer, Gerald Vizenor, Wendy Rose, and others.  Slightest bit of tip wear, o/w near fine.  (ID: 6131; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $11.00

*Kupperman, Karen Ordahl.  Roanoke:  The Abandoned Colony.  New York:  Barnes & Noble, 1993.  Originally published by Rowman & Allanheld, 1984.  Fine cloth volume in fine dust wrapper.  As new.  Dated and signed. (ID: 5048*; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00

*Large, R. Geddes.  Drums and Scalpel.  From Native Healers to Physicians on the North Pacific Coast. Vancouver: Mitchell Press Limited, 1968.  Near fine to fine hard cover in good plus dust wrapper with tape-repaired tears and  chips at spine, front cover, and tips. Gift inscription on FFEP.  Signed by the author on the title page.  (ID: 9106; http://www.rmgergerbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00 

Lenski, Lois.  Indian Captive:  The Story of Mary Jemison.  New York:  Frederick a. Stokes company.  Very good cloth volume.  Dust wrapper is very good, with chips top and bottom spine, some edge wear.  (ID: 5144; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $60.00  

Lenski, Lois.  Little Sioux Girl.  Philadelphia:  J. B. Lippincott, Company, 1958.  Roundabout America Series. Cloth volume with some facing, minor wear to edges, spine top and bottom.  No dust wrapper.  (ID:  5145; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $15.00  

McBride, Bunny. Women of the Dawn.  Lincoln:  University of Nebraska Press, 1999.  As new soft cover.  Stories of Wabanaki women, all named Mary or Marie by missionaries.  The name was pronounced "Molly" by the Wabanaki. (ID: 5183) $10.00   SOLD

McBride, Bunny. Women of the Dawn.  Lincoln:  University of Nebraska Press, 2001.  New cloth volume in dust wrapper. (ID: 5078)  $8.00   NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

McGloin, John Bernard, S.J.  Eloquent Indian.  The Life of James Bouchard, California Jesuit.  Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1949.  Review copy.  Fine hard cover volume with very good dust jacket, some chips to edges and spine, small closed tears.  (ID:  5380; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00 

McNickle, D'Arcy.  Indian Man:  A Life of Oliver La Farge.  Bloomington:  Indiana University Press, 1971. Second Printing.  As new cloth volume.  Dust wrapper is price clipped, with a small black mar on FFEP, otherwise as new. (ID: 5468; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00  

McNickle, D'Arcy.  The Indian Tribes of the United States.  Ethnic and Cultural Survival.  London:  Oxford University Press, 1962.  Issued under the auspices of the Institute of Race Relations, London.  Near fine soft cover with minor edge wear.  (ID:  9111; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00

*Marks, M. L.  Jews Among the Indians.  Tales of Adventure and Conflict in the Old West.  Foreword by Maynard I. Wishner.  Chicago:  Benison Books, 1992.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper.  In Mylar. Signed by the author on the title page. (ID:  9105*; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $30.00 

Mathews, John Joseph.  Wah'Kon-Tah. The Osage and the White Man's Road.  Norman:  University of Oklahoma Press, 1932.  Wear at edges and top of spine, spine a bit sunned; interiors tanned but clear and bright. Owner's signature FFEP.  Dust wrapper has chips, front flap detached, but present; rear flap nearly detached, fair to good. (ID: 5182; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00

Merriam, Lewis (Part I) and George W. Hinman (Part II).  Facing the Future in Indian Missions.  New York: Council of Women for Home Missions and Missionary Education Movement, 1932.  In wrappers.  Front cover is nearly detached and there are tears, some chips (one narrow one, about 3" long).  Text clean, unmarked.  (ID: 5079; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00 

Miller, Lee.  Roanoke.  Solving the Mystery of the Lost Colony.    New York:  MJF Books, 2012.  [ISBN:  9781606711538]  Second printing.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper.  (ID: 6422; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00 

Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne.  The Great Law of Peace of The Longhouse People (Iroquois) (League of Six Nations). Kaianerekowa Hotinonsionne.  Rooseveltown, NY:  White Roots of Peace, 1973.  Third Printing. Tiniest bit of soiling to dges of red wrappers, but otherwise near fine to fine.  (Item ID:  5612; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00

Neithammer, Carolyn.  American Indian Food and Lore:  150 Authentic Recipes.  New York:  collier, 1974. Foreword by Ann Woodin.  Illustrations by Jenean Thomson.  As new soft cover.  (ID:  5192; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00

Oberg, Michael Leroy.  Uncas.  First of the Mohicans.  Ithaca:  Cornell University Press, 2003.  Fine cloth volume in fine dust wrapper.  As new.  (ID:  5082; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00  

Oehler, Gottlieb F., and Smith, Dr. D. Z.  Description of a Journey and Visit to the Pawnee Indians.  New York: Moravian Church, 1914.  Reprinted from the Moravian Church Miscellaney of 1851-1852.  Front cover detached (back cover missing), chips to cover, back 2 pages, but otherwise good plus to very good.  Age tanned.  (ID: 5615; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $10.00 

Oswalt, Wendell H.  This Land Was Theirs.  A Study of Native Americans.  New York:  McGraw-Hill, 2002. Seventh Edition.  Soft cover, near fine.  (ID:  5556; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $8.00

Otoe-Missouria Tribe.  The Otoe-Missouria Elders:  Centennial Memoirs (1881-1981).  Red Rock, OK:  Otoe-Missouria Tribe, 1981.  Very light wear to tips/edges/spine, but otherwise near fine.  (ID:  5617; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $65.00 

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