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The listings below are arranged under the following headings:  Literature/Criticism, ArtBiography/Autobiography, Cookbooks, History/Cultural Studies/Philosophy/Religion, and Miscellaneous.  Most are available at:


and/or Amazon (for titles published in or after 1970) OR they may be purchased directly from Avon Rare Books. Titles with an asterisk (*) are signed

For information on the book pictured above, please see Spence, Jonathan, in Biography below.





Ali, Ayaan Hirsi.  Infidel.  New York:  Free Press, 2007.  First Printing.  Fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper.  (5537) $25.00  SOLD. Strand $7.00 6 23. $7.00

Beckett, Samual.  The Unnamable.  (ID: 8933)  $30.00. SOLD Alibris 2 23 23 

[Beckett, Samuel]  Knowlson, James & Elizabeth, Editors.  Beckett Remembering/Remembering Beckett.  A Centenary Celebration.  New York:  Arcade Publishing, 2006.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper.  Review copy with publisher’s information laid in. (ID: 6106; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $19.00 

Blaise, Clark, & Mukherjee, Bharati.  Days and Nights in Calcutta.  Garden City, NY:  Doubleday and Company, Inc., 1977.  [ISBN: 0385028954]  First Edition, First Printing.  Fine hard cover.  Dust wrapper has small chips to spine ends and tips, ¾” chip to right front flap, otherwise very good.  (ID: 5522) $20.00.   SOLD   Strand $7.00

Bruns, Gerald L.  Modern Poetry and the Idea of Language.  A Critical and Historical Study New Haven: Yale University Press, 1974.  Second Printing, 1975.  Near fine to fine hardcover.  Dust wrapper lightly tanned, spine ends have tiny closed tears, but o/w near fine.  (ID:  6104; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $25.00 

Christie’s New York.  First Editions/Second Thoughts:  Sold to Benefit Pen American Center. 2 December 2014.  Belinda Kitchin and Sean Kelly, Curators.  Illustrated catalog for an auction.  5 x 7 postcard advertising the event and a list of author annotated first editions laid in.  (ID: 6420; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $25.00  

[Crane, Stephen]  Sorrentino, Paul, Editor.  Stephen Crane Remembered.  Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2006.  As new in similar dust jacket.  (ID: 442; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00 

Diaz, Junot.  The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.  New York:  Riverhead Books, 2007.  15th Printing.  Fine hard cover.  Dust wrapper has gold label “Winner of the Pulitzer Prize.  Stain to lower front cover. (5582; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $8.00 

[Faulkner, William]  Duvall, John N., Editor.  Faulkner and His Critics.  Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2010.  As new in similar dust jacket.  (ID:  439; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00 

[Faulkner, William]  Lockyer, Judith.  Ordered by Words: Language and Narration in the Novels of William Faulkner.  Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 1991. As new in similar dust jacket.  ID:  441; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00 

*Greenblatt, Stephen.  Learning to Curse.  Essays in Early Modern Culture.  New York:  Routledge, 1990.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper.  Signed.  (Item ID:  5548) $65.00  SOLD 6 10 20

*Greenblatt, Stephen.  Marvelous Possessions.  The Wonder of the New World.  Chicago:  University of Chicago Press, 1991.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper. Signed.   (Item ID:  5549)   $70.00  SOLD Alibris

*Greenblatt, Stephen.  Renaissance Self-Fashioning.  From More to Shakespeare.  Chicago:  University of Chicago Press, 1980.  Fine hard cover.  Dust wrapper is lightly faded (more so on spine), tiny bit of tip and edge wear, otherwise very good plus to near fine.  Scarce.  (Item ID:  5993*)  $135.00   SOLD Amazon 6 3 2020

Greenblatt, Stephen.  Will in the World.  How Shakespeare became Shakespeare.  New York:  W. W. Norton, 2004.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper. Signed.  (Item ID:  5551; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $75.00  

Havelock, Eric A.  Preface to Plato.  Cambridge:  The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1963 (1982). Near fine soft cover.  (Item ID:  5525; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00

[Hemingway, Ernest}  Voss, Frederick.  Picturing Hemingway.  New Haven:  Yale University Press, 1999.  As new hard cover in as new Mylar-protected dust wrapper.  (Item ID: 9109; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $30.00 

Jen, Gish.  Who’s Irish?  Stories New York:  Alfred A. Knopf, 1999.  Fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper.  (5632; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00 

Kenner, Hugh.  Historical Fictions.  Essays on LiteratureSan Francisco:  North Point Press, 1990.  Near fine to fine hard cover in similar dust wrapper.  (ID: 6111; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $22.00  

Kenner, Hugh.  A Homemade World:  The American Modernist Writers.  New York:  Alfred J. Knopf, 1974.  Fine hard cover; dust wrapper has large chip upper left front cover, small chip near cover at spine, light spine fading, o/w good.  (ID: 6447)  $12.00  SOLD 3/4/16

Kenner, HughThe Poetry of Ezra Pound.  Lincoln:  University of Nebraska Press, 1985.  First Bison Printing.  With new preface by the author.  Foreword by James Laughlin.  Soft cover. Very light age tanning/soiling, but otherwise near fine.  (ID: 6108; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $18.00 

LeClézio, J. M. C.  The Prospector.  Boston:  David R. Godine, Publishers,  1993.  First American Edition.  Translated from the French by Carol Marks.  Fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper.  (5528; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $70.00 

[Lewis, Wyndham]  Horowitz, Glenn.  Wyndham Lewis 1882-1957.  Collection of Wayne Hugo Green, MD.  New York: Horowitz, 1994. 1/1,000 Sales Catalog 196 items.Wraps.  Spine sunned, otherwise near fine.  (ID:  441; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00 

Mukherjee, Bharati.  See Blaise, Clark, above.

[Yeats, William Butler]  Foster, R.F.  Words Alone: Yeats and His Inheritances.  New York: Oxford, 2011. As new in similar dust jacket.  (ID: 433; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $10.00


[Chagall, Marc]  Chagall, Bella.  First Encounter.  New York:  Schocken Books, 1983.  Illustrations by Marc Chagall.  Translated by Barbara Bray.  Very good plus to near fine hard cover.  dust wrapper has several chips and closed tears at edges, rubbed, but otherwise good plus to very good.  (5631)  $20.00   SOLD

Baraka, Amiri. (Jones, Leroi) Autobiography.  New York: Freundlich Books, 1984. [ISBN:  0881910007]  As new hard cover.  Dust wrapper is price clipped, but o/w as new. (ID: M220-100; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $25.00

*Cleese, John.  So, Anyway…  New York:  Crown, 2014.  [ISBN:  9780385348249] Signed on the title page.  As new hard cover in Mylar-protected as new dust wrapper. Photo of Cleese at signing laid in.  (ID: 8748)   $70.00  SOLD (2 copies; one mjl's]

Franken, Al.  Giant of the Senate.  New York:  Hachette Book Group, 2017.  [ISBN:  9781455540419] First Edition, First Printing. Signed. Photo of Franken at the signing is laid in. As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper. (ID: M220-101*; http://www.rmgeberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $40.00

Jones, Leroi.  See Baraka, Amiri, above.

[Kennedy, John F.] . Matthews, Chris.  Jack Kennedy:  Elusive Hero.  Hard cover.  (ID: 6193) . $8.00. SOLD Amazon 11 3 17

Spence, Jonathan.  The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci.  New York:  Viking Penguin, 1984.  First Edition.  [ISBN:  0670468304] Near fine hard cover with gift inscription on ffep, sticker with owner's name.  Dust wrapper iis good with several closed tears, a couple of which have tape repairs.  NY Times obituary for Spence is  (ID: MG122-100) $22.00

[Stein, Gertrude] Sawyer, Julian.  Gertrude Stein: A Bibliography.  NY: Arrow 1941. Inscribed by Sawyer.  Very good plus hard cover, spine and tips a bit worn. (Item ID:  2362; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $60.00 

Williams, William Carlos.  The Autobiography of William Carlos Williams.  New York:  Random House, 1951.  First edition, second printing.  Near fine hard cover, with slightest bit of tip wear; gilt bright on cover and spine, very lit. tanning to interior.  Dust wrapper has large chips and closed tear, front flap is tape repaired, fair plus.  In Mylar.  (ID:  6110; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00  


*Bittman, Mark.  The Best Recipes in the World.  New York:  Broadway, 2005. Signed. 1,000 international dishes.  As new, in similar dust wrapper. (ID: 8504; http:www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $50.00 

*Bittman, Mark.  The Mini Minimalist:  Simple Recipes for Satisfying Meals.  New York:  Clarkson Potter, 2012. Signed on the box.  Four-volume boxed set, 160 recipes.  As new, opened only for signing.  (ID: 8505; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $35.00 

*Bittman, Mark.  How to Cook Everything:  Simple Recipes for Great Food.  Forest City, CA:  IDG, 1998. Signed.  Near fine in similar dust jacket.  (ID: 8506; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $50.00  

*Bittman, Mark.  How to Cook Everything Vegetarian:  Simple Meatless Recipes for Great Food.  Hoboken, NJ:  Wiley, 2007. As new in similar dust wrapper.  (ID: 8507; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $55.00 

*Bittman, Mark.  Fish:  The Complete Guide to Buying and Cooking.  New York:  Macmillan, 1994.  Signed.  500 recipes.  As new, in similar dust wrapper.  (ID: 8508; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00

*Bittman, Mark.  How to Cook Everything FAST:  A Better Way to Cook Great Food.  Boston:  Houghton Mifflin, 2014. [Signed.  As new in similar dust wrapper.  (ID:  8509; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00 

Petroff, Bryan, & Quint, Douglas.  Big Gay Ice Cream. New York:  Clarkson Potter/Publishers, 2015.  Photographs by Donny Tsang. Illustrations by Jason O'Malley.  Foreword by Anthony Bourdain.  Signed by Quint and O'Malley, with a drawing by O'Malley.  Stated First Edition.  [ISBN:  9780385345606]  As new, in color illustrated glossy covers, no dust wrapper, as issued.  (ID:  6475; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00   (see photo above)

History/Cultural Studies/Philosophy/Religion

Anderson, Perry.  Passages from Antiquity to Feudalism.  London:  Verson, 1978.  (tem ID:  5538; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $10.00  

[Aristotle]  The Complete Works of Aristotle. Jonathan Barnes, Editor.  The Revised Oxford Translation.  2 Volumes.  Princeton:  Bollingen Series, 1984.  Fine in fine dust wrappers.  (Not available from Alibris; shipped from Illinois)  $150.00 

Bercovitch, Sacvan.  The American Jeremiad.  Madison:  University of Wisconsin Press, 1978, 1980.  (Item ID: 5539; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00  

The Bay Psalm Book.  Being a Facsimile Reprint of the First Edition, Printed by Stephen Daye at Cambridge, in New England in 1640.  Prepared for The New England Society in the City of New York.  [New York, 1903]  Introductory essay by Wilberforce Eames, a librarian and bibliographer, who later became the Chief of the American History Division of the New York Public Library.  Near fine hard cover in good plus box.  Bookplate from Mt. St. Mary Normal School in Kenmore, NY saying the book had been presented by the Rt. Rev. James B. Bray. Bray was an authority on the early history of the Niagara Frontier and owned an extensive collection of first editions of historical works.  This book also has the name plate of the eminent Chicago collector Abel E. Berland.  (ID: 6167)  $110.00 . SOLD (2/3/17)

The Bay Psalm Book.  A Facsimile Reprint of the First Edition of 1640.  With a Companion Volume, The Enigma of the Bay Psalm Book, by Zoltán Haraszti.  Chicago:  University of Chicago Press, 1956.  Two volumes. Near fine hard cover  in very good box with slight edge wear and 2” scrape to top front.  (ID: 6120; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $35.00

Bercé, Yves-Marie.  History of Peasant Revolts.  Ithaca:  Cornell Univeristy Press, 1990.  Translated by Amanda Whitmore.  Owner's name/date/place on ffep, light spine fading, otherwise near fine soft cover.  (Item ID:  5640; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $18.00

Bernier, Olivier.  The Eighteenth-Century Woman.  Garden City, NY:  Doubleday & Company, 1981.  (Item ID: 5540; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $35.00

Bozeman, Dwight.  Protestants in an Age of Science.  The Baconian Ideal and Antebellum American Religious Thought.  Chapel Hill:  University of North Carolina Press, 1977.  As new hard cover.  Dust wrapper has sunned spine, minor edge wear and fading; owner's name, otherwise near fine.  (Item ID: 5530; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00 

Burke, Peter.  The Fabrication of Louis XIV.  New Haven:  Yale University Press, 1992.  (Item ID:  5544; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $18.00

Cassirer, Ernst.  Kant's Life and Thought.  New Haven:  Yale University Press, 1981.  Fine hard cover.  dust wrapper has lightly sunned spine, minor edge wear, otherwise near fine.  (Item ID: 5530; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00  

*Cuomo, Mario M.  Why Lincoln Matters.  Today More Than Ever.  New York:  Harcourt, 2004.  Fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper.  Signed on half title.  (Item ID: 5528) $50.00 SOLD Alibris 5 14 20 ($40.00)

Darby, H. D., and Harold Fullard, editors.  The New Cambridge Modern History Atlas.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 19870.  (Item ID:  5546; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00

Galliou, Patrick, and Michael Jones.  The Bretons.  Oxford: Blackwell Publishers Limited, 1996.  In The Peoples of Europe series. Fine soft cover.  (Item ID:  5642; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $25.00  

Harris-Lacewell, Melissa Victoria.  Barbershops, Bibles, and BET.  Everyday Talk and Black Political Thought.  Princeton:  Princeton University Press,  2004.  6th Paperback Printing.  Fine soft cover.  (5626; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00  

Jaeger, Werner.  Paideia.  The Ideals of Greek Culture. Gilbert Highet, Translator.  Oxford:  Oxford University Press, 1960.  3 Volumes.  2nd Edition.  Some underlining, owner's name on ffep.  Dust wrappers a bit worn.  (Not available from Alibris.  Shipped from Illinois)  $125.00 

Kelly, Tom.  The Imperial Post.  The Meyers, the Grahams and the Paper That Rules Washington.  New York:  William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1983. {ISbn:  0688019196] Stated First Edition.  Near fine hard cover with gift inscription on half title.  Dust wrapper is price clipped, light age soiling, small closed tears/chips to spine ends and tips, o/w good plus to very good. (ID:  6419; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $20.00 

Laird, CarobethEncounter With An Angry God. Recollections of My Life with John Peabody Harrington.  Morongo Indian Reservation, Banning, CA:  Malki Museum Press,1975.  Foreword by Harry Lawton.  Decorations by Don Perceval.  [For Web site, do write up on Harrington] Near fine card cover with very light tanning to cover edges, in good plus dust wrapper with 2” and 1” chips to back cover, smaller chips, closed tears, and some edge/tip wear.  (ID:  639; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00 

Lurie, Alison.  The Language of Clothes.  New York:  Random House, 1981.  As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  5529; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $20.00

*Maddow, Rachel.  Drift. The Unmooring of American Military Power.  New York:  Crown Publishers, 2012. Unopened fine hard cover in fine dust wrapper.  Signed by Rachel Maddow.  A six-inch plastic Maddow photo/ad by MSNBC is tipped in.  (Item ID:  5639; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com $90.00 

May, William W., Editor.  Vatican Authority and American Catholic Dissent.  The Curran Case and Its Consequences.  New York:  Crossroad, 1987.  Fine hard cover.  Dust wrapper has some rubbing, very light edge wear, but otherwise fine.   (Item ID:  5533; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $20.00 

Midrash Rabbah. Rabbi Dr. H. Freedman, Translator.  London & New York:  Soncino Press, 1983.  10 volumes.  3rd Edition.  Fine.  No dust wrappers.  (not available from Alibris; shipped from Illinois)  $300.00 

Mousnier, Roland.  Social Hierarchies.   1450 to the Present.  New York:  Schocken Books, 1972.  Translated from the French by Peter Evans.  Edited by Margaret Clarke.  Owner's name/date/place on ffep, otherwise fine hard cover.  Dust wrapper has price sticker on from and slight bit of edge/tip wear, otherwise near fine.  (Item ID: 5641; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $18.00  

Norton, Lucy.  The Sun King and His Loves.  London:  Hamish Hamilton, 1983. As new hard cover in as new dust wrapper.  In Mylar.  (Item ID:  5509; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $18.00

Ranum, Orest.  Artisans of Glory.  Writers and Historical Thought in Seventeenth-Century France.  Chapel Hill:  University of North Carolina Press, 1980.  Fine hard cover in near fine dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  5555; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00

Ranum, Orest.  Artisans of Glory.  Writers and Historical Thought in Seventeenth-Century France.  Chapel Hill:  University of North Carolina Press, 1980.  Fine hard cover in near fine dust wrapper.  (Item ID: 5555; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $50.00

Rochlin, Harriet and Fred.  Pioneer Jews:  A New Life in the Far West.  Boston:  Houghton, 1984.  Book stamp to FFEP, otherwise near fine, in wrappers as issued.  (Item ID:  2418; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $25.00
Said, Edward. Culture and Imperialism.  Hard cover. (ID:  6187). $25.00. SOLD Amazon 6 4 21
*Sanders, Bernard.   The Speech.  A Historic Filibuster on Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class.  New York:  Nation Books,  2011.  (On the title page, the author is listed as “Senator Bernie Sanders.”)  Second Printing. Inscribed (“Best Wishes”) and signed  “Bernie Sanders” on the half title.  [ISBN:  9781568586847]  As new soft cover.  Includes thank-you card from Friends of Bernie Sanders. (ID:  6490)   $50.00  SOLD  11 14 16 ALIBRIS
Stevenson, David.  The Origins of Freemasonry.  Scotland's Century.  1590-1710.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990.  Owner's name/date/place on ffep, light tanning, otherwise near fine soft cover. (Item ID: 5691; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com)  $15.00 
Tackett, Timothy.  Priest and Parish in Eighteenth-Century France.  Princeton:  Princeton University Press, 1977.  Fine hard cover in near fine dust wrapper.  (Item ID:  5557; http://www.rmgerberbooks.alibrisstore.com) $50.00
Washington Post.  See Kelly, Tom, above.

Wolfson, Henry Austrun.  Philo:  Foundations of Religious Philosophy in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Henry Austryn Wolfson. Cambridge:  Harvard University Press, 1947 (1982)  5th Printing.  Fine. (Not available from Alibris; shipped from Illinois)  $150.00 


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